Y’all. My newest sexual adventure is maybe my favorite thing yet.

I am a huge fan of lingerie. I really get off on dressing a certain way for a partner. I like to see the look in their eyes when they see me in this way that they designed or that is designed for their pleasure. Some people don’t seem to care much for this part of sex, and some are too shy about their preferences (for whatever reason) to articulate what they want to see, even if I’ve asked. So sometimes it ends up being a trial and error thing.

When dressing for my self, I prefer a classic, all-black pinup look. Lacy thigh highs and a garter belt, perhaps a lacy bra and silk nighty or dressing gown, or some combination of these things. A while back I put on a variation on this outfit for Feathers, but I added shoes. The shoes are a pair I use for pole dancing as well, they’re these strappy black heels with gold accents. Very sexy. In my opinion. Feathers was certainly into the effort, but was clearly not so into the shoes.

I took them off, a bit embarrassed and we proceeded to have a lovely sexual encounter. (more on sex with Feathers soon, it’s a one of a kind experience) But afterward I decide to figure out more about the shoe thing. Feathers never bullshits me and he’s never cruel, so I always feel completely safe being honest about what I’m feeling. I said something like “I feel insecure that you were not into my sexy shoes. I need to know that you found my whole outfit and me very sexy just then”. I have learned to be extremely blunt in these situations. When you spend years being rebuffed when trying to have sex with your spouse, you get a little sensitive about this kind of thing.  Especially someone you care about. Had one of my casual guys not been into the shoes, I wouldn’t have thought twice. But I have some really heavy feels invested in Feathers now, and so I needed to get to the bottom of this perceived slight.

Once I articulated my fear and what I needed from him, he took about twenty seconds to fully comprehend it and gather himself. Then he gently pulled me back into bed and assured me he finds me extremely sexy. He told me my entire bit about dressing up for him was very charming and sexy and he loved it. He confirmed that the shoes weren’t exactly his thing (nbd next to these other reassurances). Because Feathers is always honest and clear with me, I believed every word and it only took this short assurance and some physical affection to brush off what could have been a really hurtful action, given my baggage.

That’s all to say that trial and error is not so simple for everyone. It’s especially tricky because what works with one partner, may not do it for another. Sexual compatibility, like relationships in general, is so much about fit. There is not an equation that makes it work or not work. I have had boring sex with beautiful men and bad sex with men I thought I loved. Feathers and I had had these discussions a bit, but it has become clear to me that he is less used to discussing these things than I.

Don’t get me wrong, he is GGG, for sure. But he has not been doing a concentrated sexual exploration trip the last year the way I have. So things that work between us have been slowly emerging, and what a fun process that has been. The newest development has been a game changer for us.

I’m at his house the other night and we’re a little drunk on whisky and feeling silly. I always feel safe being silly with Feathers. He seems to really like the goofy side of me, and I know I can show it to him without fear that he will no longer take me seriously elsewhere. I decide to show him a pic of my latest panic attack purchase (sometimes I buy stupid shit whilst having panic attacks). This time it was a $10 lacy body suit I bought on amazon. Kinda trashy, pretty sexy, very funny. I showed him a picture of me in it and he said “I have a raccoon suit”.

He proceeded to go to his closet and pull out A SEXY RACCOON SUIT, complete with faux fur legging, tail and hood with ears. I am honestly not even surprised by this. I immediately put it on and start posing on his bed in it. The skirt is so short, my pussy and ass are hanging out (the original owner, I can only guess, is Feather’s former primary, a girl a bit smaller than I). I demand he takes some pictures. For me, this is everything. Feathers is bizarre and so of course he is into what’s known as cosplay (costume play). Also, he of course OWNS a sexy raccoon suit. I find out later multiple women have worn it over the years. We send pictures to my girlfriends, who are all mildly obsessed with this man in my life. They get a good laugh out of it.

I go to get more whisky from the other room even though his roommates are home and we all have a great laugh about it. I would do just about anything to make Feathers laugh. Though it seems just being myself does it. The encounter ends with some of the most intense sex he and I have shared yet. It doesn’t occur to me until later that it’s kind of like sharing a sex toy with someone, wearing this suit that other women have worn. Ick. But I am thrilled he’s let me in on this predilection of his and I am more than happy to oblige. But now, I am compiling my own suit.

I have gotten to the bottom of what’s compelling about this for him. He likes the tail and the ears. He LOVES thigh highs, this I already knew. And the corset idea is very sexy to him, though he was very worried I would be uncomfortable in a corset, so which I responded “super not the point darling”. I am so excited about this new avenue in our sexual relationship. He clearly has a thing for this and I LOVE DRESSING UP FOR MEN. But raccoons are kind of gross and I don’t want to wear a used suit again, so I’m developing an outfit of a sexy fox, using this photo for inspiration.

As it turns out, you can buy butt plugs that are attached to tails. I have wanted to invest in a butt plug for a while now, so I’m stoked for an excuse. I bought a matching tail and ears on etsy and am on the hunt for the rest of the outfit. It’s funny, this is the kind of sexual thing that probably would have freaked me out in the past. But now, it’s like “why not?”.

Feathers is away on a backpacking trip and I’m surprised how much I am missing him. He doesn’t have cell service and I just miss talking to him. Putting together this costume has been a fun distraction. I’ll report back with the result. I told him he’d return to a sexy little fox!


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