A really good first date

I’ve been doing this dating thing for a few months now and it’s always such a gamble. The good news I’m getting better at making educating guesses on what the situation will be like in advance and also extricating myself when it’s not great.

So I went into last night with a very open mind, but a bit more excitement than normal. He’s a scruffy filmmaker in an open marriage. But fuck, I hit the jackpot!

We met at a darling bar in Wicker Park for cocktails and hit it off right away. He’s darling; excitable and open, passionate and talented at his work, good-natured and full of light. We talked about work because we’re both passionate about what we do but have complicated feelings about it. He actually has quite a nuanced view on some issues that I find most casual liberals just see one way. So intellectually, I was very stimulated. Physically, also. 🙂 He’s got this great cleft chin and bright eyes and engaging speech.

And, having this open marriage thing in common was very cool. We were able to fill each other in on the basics of who we are married to and how we came to this path of an open relationship. Some similarities, some differences. But so lovely to connect with someone in a similar place. So, I invited him to mine to hang with S. At that moment, I honestly didn’t have an agenda on what that meant. But I knew I wanted to keep talking to him and be a little closer to him physically.

We walked out of the bar and not ten paces out, he grabbed my arm to turn me around and kissed me deeply. Vagina tingles! I don’t condone willy nilly grabbing and kissing, but this was warranted. I hadn’t had a first kiss like that since Spouse (a story for another post). We made out there on the sidewalk for a minute or two before breaking and proceeding to walk arms around one another down the street. I LOVE a man who knows how to walk with me. It was arms around each other a while, then holding hands. When passing a tight spot, he lifted our held hands to sort of guide me through ahead of him. This small elegance in traveling was a tiny bit of magic.

Part of me thought, how lovely to be with a man who knows how to walk with a woman. Perhaps one of the benefits of dating a married man. I think Spouse would do the same.

Then we got back to mine and after properly and thoroughly admiring how fucking cute S is, we headed to the bedroom and things got hot and heavy pretty quickly actually. I could really feel how much he wanted me. And he used his words very well. I’ve learned I like a lot of things in bed. But one thing I love is when a man can really put me where he wants me. Not in like a weird, aggressive way, but in like a ravishing, I want you so bad, come here way, that really turns me on.

He had this look in his eyes like he couldn’t believe I would get naked with him, but also was ready to take me. The perfect balance. He even made me cum during actual penetrative sex, which is something that only a few men have ever been able to do for me. Not that other men were incompetent or anything. But like it takes a very special blend or body mechanics, reading your partner, level of comfort and attraction that I haven’t managed with a lot of partners. He told me how sexy he thinks I am a few times, which is an affirmation I really like during sex. And there was this moment where I was on top of him, riding him and he’s a little sweaty and looking up at me with this amazed look on his face and he says “you’re so empowered” and reached up to grab my breasts. It made me catch my breath. But so did a lot of that hour or two…

Then, there was lots of cuddling and laughing and talking and watching this delight. He has a sweet tooth, just like me, so we fed each other a chocolate almond delight I had. Very hot but also very fun. I feel really comfortable with him. The boundaries in his relationship include only two rules for now: they each always sleep at home, and no fooling around with someone else in their bed. So he left pretty late and that was alright. Sleep is a struggle for me. I only really like sleeping next to Storyteller these days, or just S.

Anyway, today we made more plans for Monday and texted a lot. I’m very excited about this one, I have a feeling this will be an ongoing thing. We’ll call him Filmmaker.


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