Drunk Text

A thunderstorm turned Chicago purple on Tuesday. Both S and I get nervous during that kind of weather, so she got a little sedative and I decided to smoke a little pot. We were all tucked in when I got a text from Storyteller.

“Hey” he said

“My attention is heightened” I responded
Storyteller studies computer-human interaction and is particularly interested in the way we converse via text messages. It makes him a very clear electronic communicator. He calls a text like this, one meant to tell someone you’d like to speak to them right then, an “attention heightener”. Used when you’re in a sort of perpetual texting conversation with someone.
He proceeded to tell me he had told a story at The Moth, inspired by my effort to do so a few weeks ago (I didn’t get chosen). It soon became clear he was drunk texting me. You will not meet a more clear drunk texter. Or a more endearing one. His texts read like little poems and they all make me smile or laugh or think.
Well, it got flirty and I wanted to meet drunk Storyteller. I asked him to keep S and me company during the thunderstorm and he said “ok, but I want to do kissing with you”.
I liked drunk Storyteller. Sometimes when someone is drunk and you are not it’s very awful. This was not. We had fun, hot sex and then chatted in bed.

I told him I’m seeing Spouse again (as well as other men), which was scary because when we began dating, I was a separated woman, ostensibly looking for monogamous relationships and I knew this new information may change whether or not he wanted to keep seeing me. But what could I do? If I want to live with way, honesty is the way I’m going to do it.

One of the most important lessons I’m learning from intentional living in my relationships is that labels and words only matter in so far as they determine how we behave. So questions about what seeing Spouse again meant to me allowed for him to conclude that he’s like to keep seeing me too.


Then he got to discover one of the perks of nonmonogamy: you also get to date other people, and you don’t have to hide it. So I got to hear a little bit about his other dating experiences and we had some good laughs. I think ultimately, Storyteller wants long-term monogamy in the form of marriage. I think that because he told me, and I got to ask questions about what that meant for him, what was appealing about it, etc. Then he showed me the poem he wrote to me after our first date. He writes poems about everyone he meets on Tinder, he’s planning a compilation of “Poems to Women I Met on Tinder”. But I’m the only one who’s read hers so far. It’s very good. He’s very good.

Storyteller always stays over. His long arms mean we can spoon and his hand can easily rest on my thigh and not my belly. It’s one of my absolutely favorite things about sleeping next to him. That and that he always reads me a poem before bed.
This time he recited this to me, written by Jeffrey McDaniel.
In the morning we had more fun sex and took S on a long walk. After he left I felt introspective and inspired to write. I scrawled down some very bad poetry before work and felt wonderful throughout the day.



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