Strong Woman

*originally published 12/1/16

Today, for the first time since I can remember, I felt that strong woman feeling. The feeling you get when you look great, you own your choices and your future and you *know* you’re going to be OK.

I had coffee with a dear friend who lives in another city yesterday and talking to her I just felt empowered. She is a badass and chasing her dreams and it reminded me that I could do the same. I could own my choices, my lifestyle, my sex life. I could choose it all. This friend is also an incredibly talented photographer, so she took my portrait and the results have had me riding high.

I had been telling myself a story about my life.  I had talked myself into settling. I had told myself that all the things that bothered me about my life and my marriage were just par for the course. But about a month ago something just snapped in me. Enough was enough. I was extremely unhappy and something had to change.

Well, things have changed. The way I feel about it changes day to day. But I’m on the up and up. I get to design my life. And I get to do it in red lipstick if I want to.


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